what makes bk academy's futbol club different?



Practices will be set to challenge player's current abilities in order to push them past their limits and go to the next level. (Similar to the purpose and intensity of BK Academy Private Sessions, with in game application in a team environment)


Most clubs simply monitor your child's progress throughout the season. Here at BK Academy, we are actively engaged in our player's development. We take the time to teach the players the "Why?" behind what they are supposed to be doing so they know when to apply it in game. 

Invested in

our players

Due to BK Academy’s Futbol Club Division being so new, we are looking for players and families that are looking to grow with us. We understand and acknowledge that we are a new club. We also know that we are asking you to take a chance by joining us. 


To show that we are invested in your child’s development, we offer more weekly practices and lower pricing because it is not about monetary gain. 

Interested in joining? Reach out to us, we would be more than happy to assist you! 

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